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Basic information in English

Please note: not all content of this site has been translated. You will find here the basic informations regarding the Internationale Werkstattwoche Wittingen/Lüben (International Workshops Wittingen/Lüben).

The Internationale Werkstattwochen Wittingen/Lüben have been established in 1991 after the German reunification in order to promote understanding and appreciation between the people from east and west. This has been developed over the years into a more general exchange of opinions, experiences and understanding of the participants. The Internationale Werkstattwochen Wittingen/Lüben are organized every second year by Kulturverein Wittingen and Stadt Wittingen.

In the summer of 1991 fourteen artists from four different nations lived and worked together in the small village of Lüben, seven kilometers north from Wittingen, and aproximately 500 meters off the former inner German border. In the last thirty years about 110 artists from twenty-five nations have participated in the workshops.

In 2021 the 16th Internationale Werkstattwoche will take place from 20th to 30th of August. You’ll find a teaser, application-forms and concept as well as the catalogue from the 15th International Werkstattwoche in the download section.

Questions regarding the International Werkstattwoche or application please send to:

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16te-Internationale-Werkstattwoche-2021-Teaser.pdf (ca. 0,6 MB)
16th-Internationale-Werkstattwoche-2021-application.pdf (ca. 0,3 MB)
16th-Internationale-Werkstattwoche-2021-Concept.pdf (ca. 0,2 MB)
15te-Internationale-Werkstattwoche-2019-Katalog.pdf (ca. 5,4 MB)